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What Gentle Dental Affiliated Doctors & Support Staff Have To Say...

"I knew school dentistry, but not real world dentistry. Gentle Dental made it an easy transition and helped me focus solely on dentistry and I became a faster, more confident clinician."

Dr. Chelsea Mortell

"As a clinician, my main focus is rendering treatment and offering great patient care. I do not like the nuisances of managing a practice such as marketing and patient recruitment. The type of working structure allows me to really focus on what I love, providing 100% of my attention towards the patients."

Patrick Wang, D.D.S., M.D., Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

"When I began practicing dentistry I started out in a private practice as an Associate. From dealing with staff issues, to unpredictable patient flow, to making sure the money was collected, the business side of it was a distraction from focusing on myself and my skills. At Gentle Dental, all of that is taken care of for me, and I'm a better dentist because of it."

Richard Zeller, D.D.S.

"I began my rewarding career with Gentle Dental in 2008. One thing I most value about working in a group practice is the opportunity to work with every dental specialist. I collaborate closely with each specialist to provide my patients with the best comprehensive dental care. Gentle Dental gives me so many resources such as dental materials, continuing education courses, dental conferences and the opportunity to stay ahead with up to date dental materials and technology. I'm surrounded by colleagues and management that provide me with all the support I need to give excellent dental services to my patients. The advantages are endless. I plan to stay with Gentle Dental throughout my dental career."

Debbie Kim, D.D.S.

"In a short time span of just a few months, my experience at Gentle Dental has been full of positive energy and tremendously encouraging towards my career development. I have enjoyed working here and find that staff at all levels and functions are dedicated and working in unison. The office setup, infrastructure and support from corporate are all excellent. I feel proud and lucky to be a member of the team and company. "Way to go" Gentle Dental."

Rajni Sharma, D.D.S.

"I enjoy working at Gentle Dental because of my co-workers and doctors, who are hard-working and dedicated professionals and I consider them part of my family. It's great working with a team of talented people who genuinely enjoy what they do."

Jowita Tobacco Parker, Patient Service Representative

"I accepted a job with Gentle Dental 10 years ago with no dental experience, expecting that I would only work with the company until I graduated from college. I am still here! What a great place to work! I have learned so many skills with the leadership I have received from my doctors and colleagues. Thank you GENTLE DENTAL!"

Kristine Kirkendoll, Office Manager

"I have been with InterDent (Gentle Dental) for 14 years. I neither had the knowledge of what a corporate environment was like or how that world would be. But, ever since I joined InterDent (Gentle Dental), it has been a journey of learning. The best thing that InterDent (Gentle Dental) taught me is to have the right attitude and to work as a team (something that impressed me). With the continued growth at InterDent (Gentle Dental), I have been given lots of opportunities to work at different levels and in areas with different roles and responsibilities. We have a lot of fun every day as we work towards achieving the organizational objectives. Thanks to InterDent (Gentle Dental) for believing in me and my potential. Today I stand with my vast experience and proudly say that I am part of the InterDent (Gentle Dental) family."

Kathy Alvarez, Payroll Coordinator